When it comes to the color consultation service, we ten to rely on a simplistic, yer efficient approach. Either for residential or commercial clients, the first thing that our expert team does is visiting your property to assess the space that needs to be painted. Next, we’ll speak with you to get to know more about your style preferences. We’ll then take into consideration the size of the area to be painted, its light exposure, your particular architectural style and the colors and designs of any furniture or trim work that will be present.

Proudly, Paintelle Painting has by now contributed its painting expertise into nearly 300 new construction homes in 2008.

Whether the project was simply a track home smaller than 1,500 sq. feet or a custom home with extensive millwork and custom moldings that are bigger than 9,000 square feet, each single time we were committed to delivering a top-quality work, competitive rates, and excellent pace. We are dedicated to making sure your pre-sold or spec home is better after painted. But when someone is constructing a new building, whether it be a new home or a new business, there are many decisions

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[media-downloader media_id=”1663″ texts=”paintelle”]Throughout our years in the painting business, we’ve already made both cityscapes and interiors more beautiful, employing our wide range of artistic ideas and turning miscellaneous buildings and free-standing structures into unique works of art.

So no matter what the building’s canvas is – either it’s a brick, concrete block, wood siding, or drywall, the Paintelle company has the unique ability to design, create, and paint Art on the surface of your choice.

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